"Our specialty is catering equipment. We are successful because we are responsive to our customers' needs, in fact we are obsessed with providing a first class service.
Our leasing packages provide additional support to our distributors in their efforts to secure that difficult sale"

Pratap Gadhvi, MD at the launch of Valera Leasing

Please try our simple Repayment Calculator to show indicative monthly repayments. Click here. If you need help or have different requirements, please call us.

Valera Leasing is operated from our Midlands office. Arranging a lease is easy - simply email or call Trish Morley on 07722 489915

Valera Leasing established in 1994, provides our distributor network, a simple and flexible leasing alternative.

This service is simplicity itself and is aimed at enhancing the sales support and backup provided by Valera to the distributor network.

We are not tied to any one finance house and highly responsive to the customer's needs to obtain the best financing solution to suit individual requirements, from new start-ups to large PLC’s. Leases for a full range of equipment with minimum value of £1000 can be arranged.

In response to market needs and changes we constantly review the options we offer, so that you can offer your customer a suitable package.

We know that offering a leasing package gives you a high sales conversion rate and sells more equipment.

The main benefits of the Valera leasing package to the customer, are:

• Simple uncomplicated approach (response within 24 hours)
• Flexibility to suit individual needs
• Highly Competitive Rates
• 100% tax deductibility
• Easy cash-flow management
• Additional credit line

We care just as much as you do to have your leasing proposal accepted.

Contact us now sales@valera.co.uk, trish@lease-it-uk.co.uk or sales@lease-it-uk.co.uk

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